Attic Conversions / Garage Conversions

Do you want to expand? An attic or Garage conversion is the most sensible use of space. If you are looking to expand your home, an attic or Garage conversion can fulfill your dreams without losing any of your front or rear garden space.

Why convert your Attic or Garage?

Attic and Garage Conversions from O and O

  • To gain an extra room that can lend itself to many uses
  • To extend the home in just a matter of weeks!
  • It always adds market value to your property.
  • It’s the fastest addition to a home more so than building on so less distruption to everyday life.
  • It is the cheapest method of extending your home to your required needs.
  • All attic and Garage conversions are complying with building and fire regulations.

So why not check out our gallery and see how your home could benefit from an attic conversion today!

Do you use your garage as a dumping ground but it could be made more useful?If you have a garage attached to your house and feel it could be of more addition as an extra bedroom, playroom or any room of your choice than the garage conversion is for you. So look around your home and see what changes you could make to see your home come to life!